Enterprise Application Development

Very few companies are able to work in the business-to-business domain as well the business-to-consumer domain with the same level of understanding. SPA is one that can!
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The end goal of the enterprise application development ecosystem is to provide the organization tractability to support its strategic and tactical business logics through the flawless exchange of different business functions. SPA has quickly embraced the new techniques to seamlessly weave together different business processes to move ahead towards achieving this end To help meeting the stringent.

Enterprise application is an application software that is designed to serve the needs of organizations such as schools, interest based user groups, clubs, retailers or the government. Enterprise application development provides business oriented tools such as online shopping, online payments, automatic billing payments etc.

Many business functions like order processing, procurement, production scheduling, accounting etc. are also performed by the enterprise application development software. Software Assurance is one of the very few companies that are working on a business to business domain and business to consumer domain with the same level of understanding. To achieve the end goal of enterprise applications i.e. supporting strategic and feasible business logic of an organization through perfect exchange of various business functions, Software Assurance has developed many techniques to bind various business processes.

Software Assurance helps in meeting the many requirements for security and administrative management. The applications are also intertwined with each other in the current application ecosystem by providing architectural design, customization and data integration, business process integration across application, security management, user registration and identification system, integration of access entitlement, user training and overall project management. The EIA framework of Software Assurance helps in enhancing efficiency and ensures business continuity.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business management software (enterprise application software) that integrates various organizational enterprise application system and promotes error free transactions and production. It runs on various computer hardware and network configurations. Enterprise application system records details of cash, raw materials, production capacity, business liabilities like order, purchase order, payrolls etc. from business resource and shares that data across various departments (manufacturing, sales, accounting etc.) in a firm and also promotes information flow between all business functions. ERP system generally covers financial accounting (financial consolidation, cash management), management accounting (budgeting, cost management), manufacturing (work orders, scheduling, manufacturing process/projects etc.), project management (project planning, resource planning, etc.) etc. Thus, ERP is versatile enterprise application development software.

Although ERP is beneficial for any organization, integration efforts have failed due to technical, organizational, management or migration planning reasons. To avoid this, Software Assurance has aimed at integrating the ERP with the most advanced open source ERP i.e. Open Taps. In this, the user retains control of the source code which makes the user independent in order to reduce chances of inconvenience caused by the loss of key employees. While developing Open Taps, the organization should understand the difference between the primary object, data and functional models of the ERP and an organization’s traditional enterprise application system which will help find the ways to create an interface between ERP and the organization’s traditional systems and finally understand migration issues, data migration etc. Introduction of ERP’s by eliminating these traditional enterprise application systems will help in obtaining maximum benefits.