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IT Staff Augmentation & Consulting Services
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Customized & On-demand IT Staff Augmentation & Consulting Services help you hire the right person with right skill set. We let our customers focus on their core business matters and we take care of their pain associated with hiring.

In recent years, web and mobile industry has witnessed tremendous growth. Technology is evolving and so as the business. In this dynamic changing scenario, hiring and retaining skilled workforce has become the critical challenge for IT workforce has become the cretical challenge for companies. Considering the concern, we at Software Assurance, LLC are offering IT Staff Augmentation & Consulting Services to diverse business segments ranging from start-ups & SMEs. We let our customers to focus on their core business matters and we take care of their hiring pain.

Challenges: Companies are constantly facing challenges that cause huge cost burden resulting in project failures and business losses.

  • High attrition rate
  • On going staff training/skill enhancement
  • Inability to have backup resources
  • Addressing short-term/temporary staffing needs

When you might need IT Staff Augmentation Service?

  • You got the sudden project requirements with aggressive deadlines and you don’t have the right talent for execution.
  • You need to focus on your core business areas and transfer the hiring pain by outsourcing the process.

We offer IT Staff Augmentation Services in below mentioned skill areas:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Product Development & Engineering
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Application Migration & Maintenance, etc.

We offer range of benefits to our customers as below:

  • Reduced Hiring Cost & Time
  • Save on Overhead Cost
  • Prescreened & Verified Resources
  • Backup & Replacement Resources
  • Reduced Efforts in Training & Skill Enhancement
  • Solutions for short-term/temporary staffing needs

IT Professionals hired by us have range of skills such as:

  • Ability to utilize technology skills aligned with client’s business objectives
  • Experience in delivering project deliverables on time as per the schedule
  • Strong communication & project management skills
  • Techno-functional skills with understanding of business acumen
  • Up to date with latest technology trends & process guideline

We have proven expertise in delivering skilled, qualified & reliable software professionals who not only have expertise in their respective technology domain, but also understand the business domain. Businesses can leverage our Customized & On-demand Staffing Services and save on hiring, overhead cost & time significantly in comparison to traditional in-house hiring process.

Our company help businesses to find IT professionals with right skill sets as per their customized project needs. Considering the dynamic nature of business, we ensure that backup resources are available. In the event of sudden project requirements, or due to unavailability of assigned resources customers can hire alternate resources for just few hours, a week, a month or for the long term.

We adhere best recruiting practices under which candidate is undergone various evaluation processes. Clients are given flexibility to judge candidates as per their project requirements in order to hire the right candidate.

IT Staff

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