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iOS App Trends that every iPhone App Development company should follow

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 iOS apps are one of the most desired and important elements for most of the smartphone users. Apple’s tough standards for iOS app quality and functionality in 2018 makes sure that high level of innovation and latest trends are followed by iPhone app development companies in India when iOS apps are developed. 

A large part of the good-looking app is the inclusion of latest advanced technologies. Users are more impressed with the apps which integrate and makes use of latest technologies. According to this, there were 25 billion iOS apps downloads in the first year. However, it has risen to 168 billion in the year 2017 and is expected to increase by 253.91 billion by the year 2018. 

It should also be noted by the iOS app developers that a technology should not be implemented without knowing about its relevance to app’s performance. For instance, AR(Augmented Reality) will not do that much to enhance the user experience when it comes to developing a banking app, outside of it AR can provide better visuals. Users might enjoy using those apps which are using newer features, but only if it appeals to the users. Investing in the technology which is not suitable for your app is not just waste of business resources, but also makes the mobile app less navigable. 

In this post, we will discuss iOS app trends that every iPhone app development company should follow. 

IoT(Internet of Things) 

The internet is being used by every possible aspect of the modern smartphone users. Users don’t use internet powered smartphones, but also use tablets, smartwatch, cars and also a television with such features requiring online connectivity. iOS app development companies in India can invest in the apps working on multiple devices, all of which can be operated by a single remote or touch. For instance, an app that can project videos from your smartphone to the widescreen TV would be an ideal fit. 

Beacon Technologies 

iBeacon is the technology standard used by Apple which allows apps to detect signals from beacons and respond to it when required. An app with iBeacon can detect its own position using a micro-local scale. So, it can provide users all the information related to their quick geographical location. For instance, a mobile app for ordering the food can show which all restaurants are in their nearby area, depending on where the user is located. 

It provides users with instant solutions. It can be very useful for apps providing emergency services. When you are in a need of a hospital and you don’t know about the exact location, a mobile with iBeacon integrated comes in handy. 

Face ID and Touch ID 

With so many iPhones being embedded with Touch ID and Face ID, it makes quite a sense for iOS developers to make use of this feature for their apps. It is very helpful when ensuring security on banking, shopping and other apps which involves financial transactions. However, it also offers plenty of possibilities for apps to play around with it. Moreover, users can login to their business apps with the same facial recognition and fingerprint technology. 

Business Apps for iOS  

The iOS application development market has been opened up widely to business app developers. Genius Scam, Microsoft Office, Wolfram Alpha etc have systemized the workflow, creating easy convenience for both employers and employees alike. Moreover, businesses apps are worth investing in for developers because businesses these days are growing due to increase in the digital power world. 

Employees need to respond to their work on the go. For that, they need a device on which they can complete their work, regardless of the location or time. As many businesses are operating on the internet these days, the demand for iOS business apps will expand in time. 

Cloud Technologies 

iOS application development companies in India & USA are becoming serious about integrating cloud technologies into their apps. Cloud technologies allow developers to synchronize their app with multiple mobile platforms. It is also very helpful in providing more storage for user files. However, before integrating cloud technologies iOS application developers should be careful about privacy and embed security features with their cloud storage options. 

On the other hand, you should integrate 256-bit encryption instead of 128-bit encryption to make your app more secure. 

Latest iOS App Development Tools 

It is important for an iOS app development company in India to stay updated with latest frameworks and tools for developing iOS apps. As mentioned above, apps which are not integrated with latest technologies do not leave the mark on app users. Development tools often go through many changes, whether it is related to construction or testing or ideation. iOS app development tools should always remain updated to create fantastic apps which users are going to like. 

AR(Augmented Reality) 

AR is one of the exciting and latest technology milestone of our time. Its importance is well established in some of the industries like gaming, retail, education, manufacturing, and maintenance. Every company should take AR very seriously including designed blueprints for AR into their apps. AR has shown the huge amount of potential, especially by providing a 3D game like experience. In addition, it has plenty to offer for the success of iOS app development


iOS application development can be improved rapidly by following all these mentioned above latest trends. Other than that, iOS application developers can make the use of Swift programming language. It is an open-source programming language which is adaptable to the requirements of the complicated iOS development requirements. Its framework and coding structure are preferred over Objective-C. In addition, it is one of the best tools for developing new iOS apps. Therefore, these were some of the few trends which iOS developers will follow in the year 2018. So, you should study each and every trend before integrating it into your existing iOS apps.