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Xamarin – the Perfect Choice for Building Powerful Apps

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  • Blog User Mar 26,2019
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Xamarin is the best choice for building native mobile apps for several platforms as it allows you to create apps using native features and shared code. There are many other reasons that make Xamarin the perfect choice for app development. But, before we delve further into this, let’s have a quick overview of the need and significance of mobile apps for modern businesses. Over the years, there has been a phenomenal rise in the arena of app development. This rise is mainly driven by the growing number of consumers diving into mobility. With people using multiple devices, software and carriers, there is no dearth of opportunities for businesses and app developers. 

Among the top reasons that make Xamarin a preferred choice for app development among businesses, few are discussed below:

Native UI & apps: Native design is highly preferred for mobile apps and this is the reason why Xamarin ranks above other available options. Xamarin Studio facilitates completion of code in C#. It offers the benefit of native UI, native performance and access to the specific device features. Cross platform code sharing makes Xamarin a preferred option among businesses seeking to cut the development cycle short. 

Besides native UI, another reason that makes Xamarin a highly preferred cross platform development tool is the way it shares app logic. App logic inherited by UI layer, such as input validation, database interactions, web service calls, integration of backend enterprise, and database interactions are coded in C#. Xamarin allows developers to share a great percentage of code (75%) across different Oss. This saves their time, which is otherwise required for recoding. Hence, leaving little room for bugs and issues.

Xamarin uses the same UI and API controls for building iOS, Mac and Android applications in their respective platform-specific languages. Furthermore, Xamarin believes in sharing & collaboration and lets developers select from various paid or free components, including cross platform libraries, UI controls, and 3rd party web services only in a few lines of code. You can hire Xamarin development company in India to exploit these benefits of Xamarin. 

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