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Why should businesses choose Hybrid App Development

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Mobile apps have become a great medium for business growth nowadays due to the presence of a large number of mobile app users globally. At first, apps were developed using native app development. 

As the time passed on, mobile marketers realized the importance of new mobile app development approaches, new mobile marketing strategies, mobile app growth, device fragmentation etc. This makes them realize the value of multi-platform app development. 

That's how hybrid mobile application development came into existence. And, it is most preferred by businesses today for their mobile app development as it gives them many business benefits. 

In fact, approximately 50% of the apps uploaded to the app store would by hybrid by 2017 according to Gartner( report. As per other sources, only 79% of people give it a retry if a mobile app failed to work for the first time and only 16% would give it more than two attempts. This shows a poor mobile experience discourage users from using it again.

Moreover, a good user experience is everything for a successful mobile app development. Hybrid app development is an aid to native apps as well as web apps. A hybrid app has a single code base for Android and iOS devices rather than native apps. Thus, it provides fast app development. 

Here, in this blog, we have shown how hybrid app development is better than native app development. 

Before this, have a look at the following comparison table for both Hybrid Apps vs Native Apps:

Technologies used HTML, CSS & JS  Objective-C, Swift for iOS; Java for Android
Coding Write once and run anywhere Separate code for each platform
Performance Medium Fast and Responsive
Business Benefits Saves time and money High investment of time, resources and talent
Development Cycle Fast High cost and development time
Brands built  Sworkit, Baskin Robbin, Untappd Gmail, PayPal


Here is the list:

1)  Good performance

It is the very first and an important concern of every mobile app developer. A good performing app can take your online business to new heights of success. Both hybrid apps and native apps are reliable, fast and secure. However, by using hybrid app development, you can quickly load the contents and visualize the elements too. Thus, a hybrid app gives you a seamless experience.  

2) Quick Iterations

It is a right choice for business owners who want their apps to get quickly released in the market even when you add some new and improved features to your app.  Hybrid mobile applications involve shorter release cycles and thus make the iterations & upgrades more fast and easy. 

However, in case of native apps, you might get efficient mobile apps but it takes a long time as compared to hybrid app development. It is because hybrid apps provide quick iterations, faster coding abilities and shorter turnaround time. Therefore, hybrid app development win over native app development. 

3) Cost-effective

Cost plays an important role in the business growth. Making hybrid apps would cost companies less and cheaper as compared to native apps or any other web/mobile app. In fact, mobile app developers can fast their app development process with the help of latest web development frameworks and set of libraries. Then, they can further send apps to the app store. This saves time as well as cost. 

Moreover, a hybrid app consists of single code base due to which it works on different platforms and thus helps in reducing the development and maintenance cost.

4) Simple integration

Integration becomes a challenging task to App developers if they stuck with it. Since hybrid apps take advantage of the device’s internal programming system through an overlay, it helps in reducing such issues. Moreover, it also helps in synchronization with other apps. Due to this, hybrid apps work smoothly and ensure features like messaging, camera, GPS etc. for providing a good user experience. 

5) Fast

Hybrid app development let business owners market the apps faster and across multiple platforms. In fact, with hybrid apps, you need to write the code once which ultimately saves your time and efforts. However, testing apps before it gets launched on the market is an important concern of every mobile app developer. Mobile app testing includes initial testing, pre-platform testing, and quality assurance testing. With hybrid app development, you will save a lot of time with the testing process.

6) Offline support

Hybrid apps give you offline accessibility due to which you don't have to struggle with uninterrupted access to app’s data. This also reduces your mobile data consumption. In actual, the hybrid apps stores the device’s API just to save offline data. This would further help users to load the mobile app in few seconds. This is the reason why hybrid app development is preferred over native app development.  

7) Interactive UI/UX 

It is the major reason for hybrid app’s popularity. Hybrid apps offer a glitch-free experience that runs smoothly on multiple devices and also provides instant responsive apps to its users. It deals with issues like fluctuating data streaming capabilities and thus helps in displaying data faster. 

In addition, hybrid apps are lightweight than native apps. It easily loads the heavy content consisting of HD graphics in few minutes thus saves a lot of time.

Ending Note:

As of now, we have seen from the above points how hybrid mobile app development is better than native app development. In this digital arena, a hybrid app is all capable of competing with other apps because hybrid app development makes the task easier and faster for mobile developers. It saves your time as well as efforts thus bring you many business benefits. Many giants viz. Uber, Instagram, and Twitter are taking advantage of hybrid mobile app development over native mobile app development.

So, if you are planning to develop mobile apps using hybrid app development then you are at the right place. We have an expert team of hybrid mobile app developers who have successfully delivered 640+ mobile apps to 120+ happy clients across 20+ countries. Feel free to contact us and get expert help from us now!