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Why Should Small Businesses Invest In Mobile App Development

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A mobile is everything in this modern digital world. Every individual relies upon this for their basic needs. Even a single business cannot run successfully without its uses. That's why every new business is investing a huge share in mobile app development. 
Today, every single person love to do things on the go with their smartphones. So, if you are going to start your business or if you own a small or big enterprise but still not have thought of investing in the mobile app development in India or UAE then think about it again. It is the right time to embrace the modern technology in order to gain the edge.
In fact, it is the ideal way to reach your potential customers which can also be seen through the following stats:
- As per Statista, it is predicted that mobile applications will generate around 189 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising by 2020. 
- As per the same source, there were 149.3 billion mobile app downloads worldwide in 2016 and there were 2.8 million apps available in Google Play Store as of March 2017.
- It is also predicted that by 2020, Google play will top 166 billion and iOS will reach 35.2 billion. In fact, digital photos are now generating 96% of the total engagement from the mobile devices through different social media platforms.
- According to the same stats, it is found that mobile ads perform 4-5 times better than online ads. Moreover, the total mobile engagement on social media has grown by 55% in the past year.
Besides the above stats, in this blog, we have listed out some of the top reasons why should businesses invest in mobile app development.

1) Powerful Branding Tool
It is an obvious thing that investing in mobile application development will cost you high but at the same time, it provides you many business benefits. It is a powerful way to market your product and service. If you develop a mobile app with a goal then more people will surely take interest in your developed app. Thus it will increase the number of potential clients who will stumble upon your developed mobile app and install it. 
You can tempt people by notifying them about the latest offer, offers or updates you are offering. In addition, it is easy for customers to give an instant response and let the company know about the good, the bad and the ugly. Without making an extra effort in marketing and promotion campaigns, at least you have captured the people who may or may not become interested.
However, it doesn't matter much what your app offers, the people will always remember a well-developed application which provides great user experience to its people. In this way, a mobile app can prove to be a great way to build a well-reputed brand.

2) Real-time data capture
When it comes to sales and marketing, collecting and analyzing data becomes two major concerns. It tells about the behavior of your target audience, what customers need, their interest level, their actions on the application and their thinking about the app.
The major benefit of having such data is that it ensures to feed the customers with relevant content that will retain their interest in the app. So, with this data, you can cater to your customer's needs and also make the user experience well versed.

3) Important need of Present
Interactive mobile apps are not only the future but also the major need of today's hour. As per the stats, it is clear that most of the browsing is done with mobile and it has become the first choice of people for online shopping. Moreover, 500 companies that adopted a focus on the mobile device when selling to customers showed an 80% increase in sales. 42% of all mobile sales of these 500 leading merchants come from these applications.
Whether people search for a branded clothing store to buy apparel or search for the latest gaming laptop, consumers are using their mobile devices to shop, surf and entertain themselves. In fact, consumers are prone to these mobile applications instead of the desktop. Everyone wants a simple approach to accessing your website with a single click and the mobile application is the optimal solution for it.

4) Better Connectivity
As per Juniper Research, there are 2 billion mobile users that will surely make a mobile commerce transaction in this year. Today, people want everything on a single platform with a seamless user experience. A mobile app is an optimal solution to this. There are a number of apps available in the store with which you can find the best vacation package, book hotel room or a cheap flight and also offer a variety of deals from various companies.  
Instead of accessing the website, people nowadays prefer to purchase online through mobile apps. These business apps will ultimately help customers to find the relevant information on the move. Furthermore, user interface, user experience and the services offered on a single platform will make customers purchase from the specific app instead of rolling over various websites.
Whether you're launching a promotion offer, have an announcement about your product or want to share something interesting, you have all the control to interact with your customers instantly. It does not matter, wherever you are, you have transmitted the message. 
It's not big, but a small number would be interested in knowing about such offers and advertisements. They can browse and shop at any time of the day, whether they are driving, resting or resting on the beach. Be sure to give them an incredible experience so that they tend to buy from you instead of from your competitor.

5) Maximizes revenue
Today, customers are more focussed on the user experience and thus the applications which are developed by focussing on user experience tend to have more engagement. This will automatically maximize the sales and revenue. In fact, mobile application transactions have increased in recent years due to consumer preferences and the flexibility it offers. Once users trust an application that offers expectations beyond their imagination, they will pass without any doubt.
Mobile applications are an excellent way to offer customer service and support that users are generally looking for. If you are thinking about spending on mobile application development or not, think again. How much income and sales can be generated by spending little and getting the maximum benefits.

6) No time constraint issue
There is no time constraint when it comes using a mobile app. You can freely check your favorite products, their pricing etc. anytime and from anywhere. This actually helps them track their orders, view deals, purchase order anytime and much more. 
In addition, customers can directly contact and solve the problem. The faster the business responds to the customer, the more satisfactory the experience will be. It would take its customer support to a level that will surely be supportive in the long term in terms of the customer's responsiveness.

7) Effective mobile applications
When you launch a mobile app, you get an easier way to show your services and products to your current and potential customers. The mobile application proves to be a unique place to get the information they need. In addition, each time the content is reviewed, customers are notified instantly without letting the offer or big offers go down. This would lead customers to verify the application frequently.

8) Easy mobile payments
Mobile apps give you the flexibility of easy mobile payments. It is actually a secure means of transaction. Sensitive data such as credit card number, password and pin are usually replaced by symbols. The customers don’t need to share any sensitive information and thus there is no possibility of leakage of personal information.
By developing a mobile application integrated with the mobile payment option, customers will feel secure about their private information and transactions. On the other hand, companies can benefit from the transaction fees that the client makes.

So far we have seen the top benefits of mobile app development for businesses these days. In fact, it has become a common norm for such businesses to have these mobile applications if they want to reach out people at massive scale. Moreover, you need to opt for latest technology trends if you want your business to stay ahead of competitors. 
However, if your business is facing any difficulty with mobile app development, then you can contact us. We have a proficient team of mobile app developers in India & UAE who have successfully delivered 640+ projects to more than 100 clients across 20+ countries. Talk to us today!