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Why Does Your Business Need its Own Mobile App

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If you were under the impression that mobile apps are exclusively for high-scale businesses with a seemingly limitless marketing budget, check your calendar as you could be still living in 2010.

In the last eight years, the mobile app industry has grown in a tremendous way, with Android’s Google Play Store and iOS App Store are having more than 2.5 million apps in 2018.

It seems that more and more small and medium-sized businesses are looking to capitalize on this growing trend by developing their own mobile application, but how could your business really benefit? Well, since over 70% of world’s population own a smartphone and regularly download apps, you risk missing a lot of the activity. If you want to join the mobile app train, let us look what all we can expect.

Mobile Apps can be Used as Effective Promotional Tool 

Many businesses believe that a well-designed and responsive website alone is not enough to make the business successful. While a website is obviously an important tool for selling products, services and promoting your business online, offering users a mobile app is often a quicker, easier, and more original way for them to shop and interacting with your brand.

Quick, simple, fun. This is what consumers are looking for in their shopping experience, and since 30% of all online purchases are mobile, businesses have more and more reasons to address multi-channel consumers.

Not only does a mobile app add value to your customers, it is also an effective promotional tool and mobile platform. Smartphone users browsing their app stores will be introduced to your brand, but they are now aware that you exist. Add to that a catchy icon and you have their interest. They cannot choose to download your mobile app at first glance, but your bright and daring icon will be sure to catch their attention again and again until they submit.

Reaching and Acquiring More Customers 

These days, multichannel marketing is all the rage. It is a simple concept. Customers are more likely to buy from you when faced with a fewer number of choices. For example, they can choose to buy your products online, through a catalog or on their smartphone via your mobile app - the one that suits them the best.

Not only does this offer the consumer a wide range of purchasing decisions, but your business on multiple marketing platforms also allows new customers to hear about your business or brand that could never have stumbled upon you. originally.

You can also include basic features in your app and encourage your existing customers to invite their friends to join. Take Goibibo for example, the app works by watching two ads and getting involved in a daily draw for free. They do not sell any products; However, they promise to add Rs. 100 to your price for each friend you refer.

Although this is a crazy and incredibly effective method of acquiring new customers, it must be said that you must first win the draw to claim the money.

Needless to say, a customer referral feature can do a lot of wonders for your inbound marketing, simply by offering each user an Rs. 10 credit on your shop for each friend they refer to.

It Generates Additional Revenue Stream 

If you ask 100 business owners if they would like more revenue from their business, we guarantee that at least 99 of them would respond with an answer YES. So, additional income is a primary goal for many businesses, can a mobile app really bring more money to a business?

It all depends on what your mobile app does to deliver promotional content and extract statistics and consumer data.

Let's be realistic: how often do you think your customers check their emails on your behalf? They may have subscribed to your newsletter via your website, but how many people do you think will read them religiously? They must miss out on offers and promotions right?

With a mobile app, this is mitigated by app push notifications, so you can present your customers with a discount, a personalized offer or a coupon directly in their mobile app. This has the potential to dramatically increase conversions with promotional offers. However, you must be careful about this because you have the potential to annoy and alienate your customers sometimes.

A promotional platform is not the only benefits of a mobile app. Thanks to geolocation and data collection innovations, you can collect your users location data to offer exclusive geolocation-based offers and geo-targeted dynamic ads that are highly relevant to your customers. This has the potential to significantly increase conversions while keeping your users satisfied in the discount department.

Cultivating Customer Retention 

Customer retention is an important tool in today’s modern digital app purchasing era and many leading businesses are working on a large number of resources for cultivating and maintaining it for the simple fact that it is very cheaper to retain existing customers than to acquire them.

With a mobile app, cultivating customer retention has become very easy and effective as ever by integrating customer retention features. Take Starbucks for instance, the basic functionality of their app is based on consumer retention, with the ability to check your account balance, accumulate reward points and discounts, sending gift cards, payment features and even to order and pay for your coffee before you even arrive at the store. It is suitable to say that Starbucks is leading the pack in customer retention.

While many of these features are inaccessible for the mid-scale businesses, we can learn a lot from what they offer to their customers and how they have improved their ap to provide their customers even more value, with the idea of saving their user’s time and make their transaction an experience without any delays and hassle.


Considering all these things mentioned above, it is surprising to have never doubted the effectiveness of a mobile app for businesses, and with mobile usage and e-commerce growing year after year, it might be the right time to consider developing a mobile app for your business or brand.

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