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Why Cross Browser Compatibility Testing is Important for Web and Mobile Application

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Most of the web browsers and mobile apps are not created equally. Some of them are compatible with the respective operating system and mobile platforms, while some have features which are claimed by others lack like automatic updates and privacy mode. For instance, Safari uses text-to-speech which works exclusively on Mac OS. There are web browsers which were praised as the leaders in web browsing and pioneered the internet are now nearly extinct. 

With so many differences that can impact the performance of the website and web application run on different web browsers. For this reason, when the development process of a web application is completed, it is a good practice to perform cross-browser compatibility testing.

What is Cross Browser Compatibility Testing?   

Before knowing about cross-browser testing, it is important to know that compatibility testing guarantees about the website or web application are optimized and running on different web browsers, different operating systems, on a different type of screen resolutions and much more. 

Cross Browser Testing is simply what its name means, i.e. to test your website or web application in various web browsers and to make sure that it works consistently and is working accordingly as intended without any compromise in the quality and without any dependencies. 

How to Perform Cross Browser Compatibility Testing? 

For the basic understanding of how to perform cross-browser compatibility, it is divided into two parts: 


Operating System Support: The basic thing for any website is to check whether that web application or website is good with the particular operating system. Present day operating systems are iOS, Mac OS, Android, Windows, Linux, and QNX. 

Browser Highlights: It contains the information about what a regular web browser highlights are executed locally on the device. These highlights contain download administration, secret word administration, bookmark administration, and so on. 

Accessibility Highlights: It contains the information about what normal availability highlights can be executed. Highlights would contain pop up blocking, page selecting, page zooming, promotion shifting, cover root, and so on. 

In-Depth Analysis  

Third Party Entities

Scripting Languages

Mobile Technology Support 

Document Object Model 


Web Technology Support


Image Organize Support

Protocol Support

CSS(Cascading Style Sheets)

Page or Font Rendering

The rapid pace at which new devices and operating systems are changing, it is important to test your website according to it. Having to run a website and mobile app run on a different operating system is a challenging task. There are so many cross-browser testing tools available which can help you in the initial phase but cannot give you the 100% outcome. It can be utilized for finding compatibility testing errors yet we would not able to find out the correct behavior in other systems.  

Testing a website across various devices can be very challenging. With so many different functionalities ranging from one web browser to another compatibility testing should be done by a reputed software testing company in India or by a reputed software tester. Because the poor testing can influence the brand name and business. 

Why is Compatibility Testing Required? 

As we look that clients globally have their own selection of web browsers utilized, it is basic that an app opens and functions regardless of what web browser is being used by the user. 

Initially, when a website or web application is tested for compatibility testing, it is analyzed for CSS rendering on various web browsers. As many CSS components and HTML labels differ from one web browser to another. 

Furthermore, the execution the Javascript code is not same on every web browser. In such cases, compatibility testing is required for differentiating and settling content which is working fine on one browser and not on others. 

Most importantly, the web browser is not restricted to PCs but are used in smartphones also. Therefore, making the cross-browser compatibility testing important for various devices. 


Before beginning with the compatibility check-up you should hire software testing company who are expert in it. Because if you are not knowledgeable about it then it can bring down your brand image and business name. There are many software testing companies you can hire who provides superior compatibility testing using all the latest open source cross-browser testing tools and helps you in fulfilling the needs of your compatibility check-up with good quality.