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Trends Which Will Change the Future of Android App Development

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Smartphones are becoming the most important piece of technology globally. Be it getting addicted to mobile apps or integrating their smartphones with other technologies. In the near future smartphones will not take over, but also replace many of screened gadgets. Underlying this face, according to, there are more than 2.3 billion smartphone users globally, as of 2017.

Riding on the acceptance of smartphone is the world of Android apps. Much like software development completely changed the world with new technologies, Android app development provides, even more, greater possibilities. It is because users love spending time on apps and their interaction with Android apps is more than the same with a desktop software. With over more than 270 billion Android apps downloads by 2017, it is sure that Android apps will shape the future of how users interact and use smartphone technology.

With changes in Android versions and smartphones, the Android application has been leveled up as well. In this post, we will discuss some of the trends which will change the future of Android app development

AR(Augmented Reality) and VR(Virtual Reality) 

Moreover, people who think PC is still relevant these days, think again. It does not allow smartphone like portability. Initially many of thought, AR and VR will be only limited to hospitality and tourism industries, where people want to experience everything beforehand and then go ahead by putting in all of the money. This theory got failed when Pokemon Go was released. Pokemon Go became the flag bearer AR mobile app single-handedly and showed that the users are ready for user experience with cross-screen functionality. 

According to Golden Sachs, it is predicted that by the year 2025 AR market will touch $80 billion mark. This stat also highlights the various Android applications making the use of both AR(Augmented Reality) and VR(Virtual Reality). 

Although AR and VR have been trending around the technology industry, they are yet to reach a wide range of Android applications. So far, AR is being utilized by hospitality, gaming, real estate, and tourism industry. Therefore, we will see so many Android apps based on AR and VR in the near future. 

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 

AI(Artificial Intelligence) is ruling the charts, with both users and Android developers excited about it. AI is a collective term which is imbibed with natural language processing, machine learning, knowledge management, and machine vision. All major Android developers are meant to say that AI will improve the user experience by leaps and bounds and is accepted by many businesses as well. Moreover, AI is one of the top strategic technology trends in 2017. Google Assistant in Android is making the use of AI. 

Cloud-Based Android Apps 

Cloud storage allows users to get rid of the entire process of storing an application and all of its data on their smartphones. Cloud storage allows you to store your data on a remote server, and by using the active internet connection, you can easily access your files and data from anywhere, anytime. Developers see the cloud as the future of Android app development because it allows users to go beyond mobile device’s minimum storage. DropBox and Google Drive are one of the best-known cloud storage options in Android for the users. Most of them provide free storage up to a huge limit. 

Internet of Things 

Internet of Things is the trending word for quite some time now. It is an ecosystem of devices where your devices communicate among themselves and personalize themselves according to the requirement and preferences, without outside instructions. For instance, imagine yourself that your alarm goes off in the morning, your room temperature is according to your preference, and your car is sending the text on your phone that whether it has enough fuel to reach office or not. Internet of Things is meant to personalize everything which is part of your daily life. Some of the biggest examples of the Internet of Things are connected cars, smart homes are predicted to be the biggest application of the Internet of Things. 


Wearables are the more sophisticated version of the Internet of Things, Wearables wave of popularity started with the launch of Google Glasses. It got more revolutionized with the launch of Apple Watch and Fitbit. Largely, wearables these days only means smartwatches and fitness bands. That being said, Android apps are able to adapt to any screen size, this can definitely be extended to footwear, apparel, and eyeglasses in the near future. Android apps will get new data sources to extract data from; this information helps in customizing the entire user experience. 


M-Commerce(Mobile Commerce) is one of the main sources of sales, by overtaking both E-commerce and physical retail. It is evident by the higher user base of Android apps. Take an Example of Facebook, with over 1.7 billion active users on a monthly basis, is it being accessed by a larger group of people using smartphones. This trend is spreading over eBay, Amazon, and many other ECommerce giants, who have understood the importance of smartphones and how they are going to empower customers to shop whenever and wherever they want to. 


The world of Android App Development regularly gets new updates every time the new Android version is announced. So the above-mentioned trends will help you in adapting to the latest trends and lead the Android application development market in the future. There is no public opinion regarding each trend since all of them are different. When all these trends are completely available, it is possible to make the correct unbiased assessment. Moreover, there are many factors which influence the development of one trend or another one becomes obvious. Therefore, With this, you can avail state-of-the-art Android application development and follow all the latest trends in Android Application Development. Because if you don’t follow these trends you will fall behind the current competition.