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Prior Checkups While Choosing Website Development Company in India

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In today’s modern era of technology, having a web presence or website for business is important to determine success for any business. It is due to the large number of users who are making the use of the internet to acquire products and services. Furthermore, businesses want to increase their users and online purchasing.

The internet is having more than million number of websites which are competing with one another to attract more number of users. According to, 39% users do not look at the website again if that website is not loading an image or taking too much time to load. Moreover, on an average 8 out 10 users will stop engaging if the website does not display the content properly. 

In such cases, businesses need to hire web app development company who develop a good looking website. For that, you need to hire reputed company. Moreover, there are so many companies to choose from and one question comes in everyone’s mind “Which Company is Best or How to Choose Them?”. 

In this post, we will discuss prior checkups while choosing web app development company in India


The reason for checking the portfolio of a website application development company is unknown. Mainly, by checking the portfolio of a company you can make sure that the company you are hiring is sound expertise in web app development. 

On the other hand, you can easily identify the depth of their experience in web app development. By reviewing the portfolios of a website application development company helps you in gaining knowledge about their skills, quality, and overall work experience. In addition, it helps you in finding their talented developers. 

This kind of experienced developers can provide best practices from a variety of industries and design different type of websites according to the requirements of the clients. 

Understanding of Business  

A website works as the future for any business and the identity of your brand. Before hiring any web application development company, they should better know you from inside and out. 

Any experienced and outstanding website application development company spends their valuable time by consulting with your business and analyzing your objectives. All these things must get cleared during the first conversation.  

Mobile-Friendly Website 

The web app development should provide you the suggestions regarding their mobile strategy. Whether they are going to develop a separate mobile website or create their main website as mobile responsive. 

They should also provide you right tips on fixing issues which penalized your website against using mobile search. 

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) 

It is important for you to do a deep analysis of the SEO plans, and you must know the strategies they are going follow for driving your website traffic. 

Don’t just follow when website application development company says “We will make your website SEO-friendly”. Moreover, you should check what methods they are using, progress rate, and improvements in the ranking of your website. 

Means of Contract 

Most of the website development companies in India are available to communicate by the means of all possible channels, though it is important to check that the company you are going to hire follows the same as well. 

Furthermore, there should be one dedicated project manager specially assigned to your business. He should provide you all the updates regarding the flow of your business website development. Moreover, with the project manager, you will have someone responsible for interaction in any situation. 

Plans and Pricing 

While taking the services of the website application development company, you should pay a notable sum of money, to make sure that you are getting the right output out of your investment. 

In order to have an expected and best website, choose a website application development company which first creates a comprehensive strategy then create an appealing content and then promote ideas. These are all the factors which can make any website truly outstanding. 

Pricing for Additional Features 

Despite the fact that how well you are going to define the scope of your project, it is bound to change. In advance, you should understand how businesses deal with such situations and it saves a lot of time, money and efforts. 

The most important thing to note here that how changes in the website are going to reflect changes in the pricing amount. Moreover, you should ask about the pricing of additional features of your website once it gets live. Knowing it in advance helps you in getting ready when the final website goes live and you will pay the amount of additional features to the company.

After Development Support 

After development support begins from closing the sign-off of the website application development. However, just because your business website is completed, does not mean errors will not occur. 

The company you are going to choose must offer you the after development support. Moreover, it is very important that you should keep the check of this requirement. Because you might risk your website by overlooking this requirement. 

Final Website and Content Ownership 

Once the final website development is completed, you should check everything the content accounts and all the required things to your website should be in your name. 

Any website application development company you are going to hire agree contractually and makes sure that all the content and accounts are in your ownership. 


Choosing a website development company in India for the development of your business website is a very difficult task. The blog above covers all the important things one should look for while hiring any company. These 9 points must be taken into consideration by you while hiring the website application development company in India for developing your business website because one wrong decision by you can lead to the loss of money and resources. In addition, businesses should consider various factors before looking to hire any company like client feedback, company’s rating, previous work history, a demo of previous website application development work etc.