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Love for Apps is ruling the minds

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  • Blog User Oct 26,2017
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‘Tech savvy’ is no more the only lot going after all the new gadgets and applications, these days. There is a whole new concept rather trend hovering over the smart gadget market.This is the trend of being ‘App-ed’. There is a spell cast by the new mobile applications on the masses, where age does not even cast a shadow.

Things are getting more app-oriented, that is, mobile applications are setting new benchmarks in the globe. Starting from dating applications to the scanner applications, your mobile phone suffices all of it. Some applications are serving some acute time constraints, while some have set a buzz in the crowd.While some mobile applications are available in any of the operating systems, some are platform based, that is, each operating system, say, iOS, Blacke berry have their own set of unique applications, connecting people.Android app development services,iPhone app development services, etc. – there are respective teams working on various development platforms, and they are recognized with awards every year.

Let’s take a look to few of the latest mobile applications buzzing in the market:

The latest version of Google app lets you have a chat with your phone. There’s a microphone symbol, with the aid of which Google can fetch data based on your vocal instructions. This app is synced with the respective Google accounts.‘Google maps’ is that one app which brings all the streets, and landmarks on to your palms. You can navigate through this app and find any location within minutes.

Social Networks:
Facebook is that one social network which is a must-have for almost everyone. It’s nearly the most-browsed website. This app for facebook, has taken away the ever-continuing ‘redirecting’ status of laptop-browsing or phone browsing.

Facebook app does not let you into the chat-room any more. Instead it has come up app called ‘Messenger’ which is the new chat-room, and you can chat with your phone contacts and also you do not need a mandatory sign in.

Though Facebook is the owner, but ‘Instagram’ has the buzz when it comes to share photographs on social network. If you have an iphone, nothing can beat the photographs with ‘X Pro 2’.

Communication apps:
Skype has always served in keeping people connected despite distances. No matter how many miles far you are from your loved ones, this app connects you all through video calls. A new feature in this app has made conferencing in video calls possible, thus you can call at multiple places and feel at home on Skype.

‘WhatsApp-ed’ is the new trend. Loquacious or not, WhatsApp can suit you in both the cases. No restrictions on texting, sharing pictures, videos, voice clips, songs, all you need is the internet connectivity and it’s at your fingertips. The latest upgrade of this app has come up with video and voice calls as well.

It is another texting app, along with sharing pictures, videos, audio clips.

Mobile applications like OLX, Tinder, Zomato, ‘Calorie counter and diet tracker’ also help out people in their lives. OLX lets you resell your goods, and even find the nearest buyer. Tinder is a dating app, which lets you find your nearest date. Coming to food and diet- Zomato needs a special mention, as it finds the restaurants near you and also gets you the budget along with ordering facilities. PayPal is one of the organizations making online payments easier. Finance mobile app development is another thriving field, making online payments, banking applications more navigable at your fingertips.

Thus, starting from shopping, food, booking travel-tickets, movie tickets to paying bills, smartphones are serving the basic needs of the masses as well as the luxury fetish of the classes!!