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Lookout These Top Ecommerce Web Design Trends in 2018

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Online shopping has become a daily routine - nowadays more and more people buy products on the web. Naturally, online store owners want to make their business attractive, but extremely functional for customers. And, the latest web design trends often play a role in the success or failure of a business. We spent a 6 month step and already saw the coolest trends in website design this year. Is there any sense in making predictions for 2018? 

When it comes to e-commerce web design services, the needs of an e-shop often do not match what is happening now. Speaking of sales and retail, things like gimmicky typography, extended decorations or, on the contrary, minimalism do not seem as cool as it sounds. The most important things you should think about when designing an online store are sales and conversions. Remember, if you overdo it, trends can be a real mess and not play in your hands. So let's take a look at the current popular web design & development trends and think if they have any chance to survive in 2018.

1. Choose Functionality over Design 

Make the feature the top priority and choose it rather than fashionable items that may seem impractical to use. This does not mean that your online store should look old-fashioned: including some modern touches here and there will not hurt at all. In this regard, it pays to pay attention to ready-made solutions that are compatible with different e-commerce engines. Of course, you can always start with a combo of WordPress CMS and pre-established WordPress templates, launch a WooCommerce module and start your own e-shop!

However, there are many solutions for online commerce available online! For example, Magento and PrestaShop platforms are popular among store owners for extreme flexibility and a number of customization modules. Design an online store on your own? Then take a look at the different Magento extensions available online to help you select the best range of features for your business.

Hidden navigation panels with pop-ups can serve as an example of a user-friendly "trends plus functionality" combo. Not only does this make a webshop comfortable as a mobile application. It also helps put the best products in the limelight. When no design element impedes the overall appearance of a website, the promotion of certain goods or services becomes more visually appealing. Since we have established that functionality is king, it will definitely be on the trend in 2018.

2. Making it More Personalized:
You want your shopping experience to be tailored to the needs of your customers. No problem with that. But what is customization, really? The most common example is a "hello" message or a personalized shopping cart that keeps track of the products you have reviewed but have not purchased. Or it can be an automated 'shop assistant' offering products you might like in a newsletter.

Thanks to PrestaShop modules like 'Size Assistant' or 'Pre-Order and Waiting List', the shopping process becomes something unforgettable and unique.

In terms of website design in online commerce, pay attention to boxes as design elements. The use of boxes serves several purposes, from adding an aesthetic appeal to highlighting specific content or establishing links with it. On the other hand, boxes are supposed to be visual. If they are used for online trading, they may look like pop-ups with calls to action or images. In addition, the boxes help brighten the overall appearance of an online store with an artistic overlay and make a simplistic design more puzzling. Remember, a few years ago, material design style cards were trending? Well, now the boxes have come to replace them. In a nutshell, no matter what feature you want to say for boxed items, they will trend in 2018 web design.

3. More Focus Information Structure:
Unlike common web design projects designed to create a short and clear messaging strategy, e-commerce projects sometimes make information a source of exaggeration. Shopping is often about comparing products and learning the details before buying. Put as much information on product pages as possible is the way to go when you design for sales.

And again, remember the balance and structure.

How do you get the perfect appearance of a product page? What if you try to play with bold typography and massive headers a bit? Obviously, there is no better way for a user to browse the homepage than by looking at titles and subtitles. This gives a general idea of ??the content of the page.

Small typography is a website design trend that you could use for an online store. It's great for online shops and can be implemented in a number of things like header elements, product pages, and so on. Small text creates more space and less space. Avoid using a small typography with large blocks of textual content. It seems better when there is not much text to display. Combine text sizes in ecommerce website design - chances are it will draw attention to your online business.

4. Calls to Action:
I'm not going to surprise you by saying that a good old call to action will be trend for ecommerce website design. To make the call to action more appealing, use bright colors and simple words. In terms of usability, make sure there is a direct way for a user to make a purchase each time a product appears on the screen. Throw in the prominent buttons and a number of clickable areas. It is important to make it easier to find a basket from anywhere on the site. Users must go to the cash register quickly as soon as they have finished their purchases.

5. Investing in Design Elements:
Do you want your e-commerce site to differ from hundreds of others? Invest in additional design elements that can create a truly unique atmosphere. The details mentioned above can be: stock photography, background videos or animation. Aim to make your store as lively and interactive as possible! Think of something that makes you click again.

Wrapping Up: 

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