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How to Create Successful Android Mobile Applications

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For creating a successful Android App, you should know that companies are looking for innovative opportunities to catch the attention of their prestigious customers. One of the main options is app development focused on showing a service or product, however, the market is highly competitive.

Innovation and creativity are key elements while developing an app, but consumption dynamics or designing trends for user’s specific needs must be considered too. Certainly, there is no secret formula that guarantees the success of its application in the market, although there are important tips that many developers have pointed out so that others know where they should direct their efforts. First of all, it is crucial to understand the process of creating an application.

You should take your time and avoid rushing if you want to make the best possible product. Even if it sounds obvious, the main purpose of your application is to make it work. Then, in later phases, the characteristics can be analyzed and added to improve their application according to their evolution and the comments of the users.

Some of those tips are:

1. Keep it simple

The main idea of creating an application corresponds to a specific objective: the need to develop the application, what it tries to solve or achieve. It is important to identify this because it will allow you to focus on a solution to the problem.

Often, the best applications only do one thing and do it very well. If a product or service requires a robust application to function, its functionality must be revised in phases; Each step during the use of the application must be stable and easy to do.

2. Know your audience
 Creating an application for the target audience will increase your chances of being competitive in the market. People download or even pay certain applications to meet particular needs. Developing applications for a known audience will allow you to include features that become the reason why people seek your application.

Either entertain, educate, solve a common problem or simply make our life easier.

3. Usability
An important phase in the development of your application should be a usability test. This is where you should identify the details that should be tested, the user's process while it is being used and if it is about the previously drawn objectives.

This test should be done by colleagues and end users to polish details or make some adjustments before your application goes to market.

4. Design

Design elements should be considered to improve the efficiency and functionality of your application. It is always a good practice to read Google's Android design guidelines, which includes material design themes such as style, designs or patterns, among others.

When it comes to making a difference, small details matter; The transition or sound effects can make a significant difference in terms of impressing users by improving their experience.

In addition, it is relevant to understand the Android Market. Being a free operating system, it clearly dominates the market share of smartphones, however, its users are more likely to represent an income for developers through in-app purchases instead of an instantaneous installation gain.

It is important to know the correct way to monetize an Android application through the use of proven business models. These fundamental tips can help your application to scale positions in the market, but you should also consider a marketing plan to work before it is released.

Wrapping Up:

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