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How Mobile Apps Can Benefit Small Businesses

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  • Blog User Jun 29,2018
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Mobile apps were largely used by the large businesses and corporates for increasing their brand value for a long time. However, in the past 3 years, large businesses are changing their priorities. These days, small businesses are getting better returns on investment from mobile apps and are serving their customers in a better way. According to, 69% of people spend their media time on their smartphones. By the year 2020 mobile app download will reach by 284 billion. 

These days if you look at this, humans are completely bounded to be social. Nobody wants to be away from what is happening in the world. Moreover, you cannot overemphasis by the fact that mobile apps are social. Just as you can use mobile applications for video calling and formal chatting, businesses can utilize the mobile application for increasing their sales through smartphone devices. Creating a business account on Facebook or any other social media platform is great, but it is not enough to drive sales of your small business. 

The bottom line these days is that your small business needs a mobile app. Because of the fear of high pricing of the mobile app is no longer stopping small businesses to develop a new mobile app, so there is no need to pull off your idea. If you are going to choose the right DIY mobile app builder your business mobile app is a matter of days away. 

In this post, we will discuss how mobile apps can benefit small businesses. 

Increases Visibility to Clients 

According to, In the United States, the average person spends 2 hours daily on their smartphones. Moreover, there are more than a billion smartphone users. So there is a fact that people are spending more time on their smartphones rather than on laptops and PCs. It is a great thing for business if you want to make your marketing plan according to this trend. 

If your business is having the mobile app presence than your business will be exposed to numerous eyeballs. Your app icon, brand name, and the image would be visible to the masses when they will unlock, scroll, and do any kind of activities while they are on the go. 

These days humans are having various devices on their fingers, wrist, and pockets. These people like to use mobile apps while they are traveling in a bus, driving to and from work, and while they are watching the television. All these situations are the perfect time to send notifications to your potential customers. 

You should utilize the mobile app if you are providing products and services which are internet-based. Moreover, mobile apps make it possible for clients to do all those things when they are sitting in their office. In addition, you should offer valuable solutions to your customers globally. Therefore, this will lead to the increase in the visibility to clients about your business. 

Provide Your Customers With Value 

Do you offer your customers any loyalty program? If it is then why don’t you convert it into digital via the mobile app? You can move all your traditional reward collection to various mobile phone devices. As mentioned above, users are using their smartphones more often than ever before. 

Nowadays, customers are more interested in valuable products/services. It can be a difficult decision for them because there are so many competitors who are selling the same products and services. A mobile app can drive customers to your store. For example, use push notification feature in your mobile application. 

Clients will get the notification when they will walk near your store. Therefore, in order to make your mobile app successful, you should provide your customers with value. 

Market More Directly 

Mobile apps bring a lot of information about your customers to your business. Some of the best examples are geographical locations and demographics. Moreover, you can provide a lot of information about your products and services to your customers. 

For example, discount schemes, product specifications, news feeds, and special rates. Moreover, when you are having your own mobile app you can know about all the preferences of them and fulfill their individual needs. It is true fact that if you are going to market more directly it is going to beneficial for your business. 

Build Brand Recognition 

Whether you are rebranding yourself or having a new business, with a mobile app you can enhance your brand recognition. All you need to do is create a mobile app with most likable features and your customers will start to engage with your app. You should focus on developing a functional application, instead of creating an expensive billboard. After all, not many people pay attention or read the messages displayed on the billboard. 

You should find out the ways to make your customers involved with your app on the regular basis. The more often you interact with them, the more likely they are going to like your products and services. There is a rule of them in advertising called an effective frequency. It states that if your customer is opening and using your mobile app for more than 20 times, then it is truly noticeable. 

These days, mobile apps are integrated with sharing feature where users can share your communication with their friends and family. Therefore, in order to make your small business mobile app successful, you need to build your brand recognition among your customers. 


At the beginning of your mobile app development project, there should be a functional website, to begin with. After that, you should utilize the app for generating more profitable opportunities. In addition, you should encourage app reviews and interactions for creating customer engagement in your business mobile app. 

The mobile app you are going to develop must completely focus on delivering personalized shopping experience, build your brand loyalty, and further expand your reach among various customers globally. Therefore, follow all these steps mentioned-above in order to make your small business mobile app a success. Furthermore, you should focus on providing the best user experience with your mobile app. Because your users will not stay on your app from longer duration if it has a poor user experience.