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Best 15 Tips For Android App Developers In 2018

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No matter how much big your business is, there are some important things to be aware of in order to retain continuous success for your business. In fact, if you are going to build your career as an Android developer then there are some essential things which you must know in order to increase your chances of success. 

In this blog, we have discussed some important tips and tricks which Android developers must use in 2018. This tips will help them to create better android mobile apps and bring many business benefits. Nowadays, many top Android app design & development companies in India and US are using these tips to rule in the online world.

Check out the list below:

1) Gain attention of maximum users

To get success for your android application, it is important to listen to your customers first and then fulfill their needs by providing them their demanding features in the app itself. This is the best way to earn your customer's loyalty and trust. 

Every time you pay attention to what they have to say about your android application, you have the opportunity to make some adjustments and offer them a more good product. Always remember that users always appreciate being listened to.

2) Have awesome ideas

An app idea plays an important role in the success of an Android application. In fact, this is the first step to success if you are an independent developer. The idea of android application could be completely revolutionary or the simplest one with added value. After doing a good research, determine the great things that your application has to offer and think about what you are willing to invest, do not hesitate on your way to success.

3) Be aware of latest trends

An Android app is only successful if it fulfills the needs of its customers. To know about your customer's needs, it is important to be aware of all latest trends in android development. This actually helps developers to know what their users actually want and what features to deploy in the app. As technology advances, you should consider all your options and learn some of the winning ideas for the development of mobile applications.

4) Integrate easy solutions

You should integrate easy solutions into an app, check how your customers react to it and deploy the features your customers want to be present in the app. You should check the response of your potential customers towards your app whether it is positive or not. Make changes in the app accordingly. 

5) Criticize your work

To believe in yourself is good but be the first one to criticise your own work so that no other can criticize your developed android application. Always ask yourself before developing an app why people will install your app? 

In addition, solving your user's problems and making their life easier should be your main goal. And, identifying a niche is always a good step towards that goal.

6) Amazing designs

You should never compromise with beautiful designs while developing an android app. Therefore, you should develop such apps which impact users when they first see your app in the app store. In fact, there are a large number of Android apps approximately 2.2 billion in count already exist in the store. So, you should make your best effort to build a visually effective app in order to stand out in the market. 

Moreover, Google itself provides a set of guidelines for good principal designs. 

7) Knowledge of Android market

Having a good knowledge of the android market is essential for good android app development. Also, you should know how your Android users normally behave since Android has a comparatively large number of users than any other operating system in the world. However, iOS apps users pay more than Android users. In fact, Android users like to download apps that carry top revenues and follow a freemium model most for games. 

A good knowledge of android market helps developers to plan a good strategy that will ultimately help in developing a good product. 

8) Never give up easily

No android app can get success over a night. A good android app takes time to build. You must persevere, learn from your mistakes, get some comment or even try new things to solve the same problem. Moreover, you can always learn a lesson from the applications that have failed.

9) Community participation

Communities are a perfect place to learn, teach and answer queries related to android app development. Whichever doubt you have regarding Android app development, android communities are always there to help you anytime. It is somewhat where you can even find a good job opportunity in order to start your own project. 

10) Big thinking

Have a good and big thinking for your upcoming android application. You must think that your app will be installed by hundreds of millions of users. Unless you are targeting a very small group of users and are aware of what that means for your business, you must think big to start believing in success. Therefore, scalability is important for both mindset reasons as well as technical reasons. 

11) Build a good portfolio 

It is necessary to create some samples of work especially when you are new to android app development. The importance of building a powerful portfolio is uncommendable since it is the way you can practice and show everything you can do.

12) Analyze your passion

You can only make a successful Android application if you believe to develop a good product or app. Once you have found a problem and an appropriate solution, begin to convince yourself that you can do it. If you find your passion, you will be more likely to create something really special.

13) Keep an eye on your competitors

If you want to raise a good revenue for your developed android application then it is important to keep a good track of your competitors in the market. You should know what apps have been released to the market and how they are performing, their unique features, business model etc. This actually helps you to put the price on your app accordingly and you start thinking about things what to include and what not to. 

14) Become best android developer

You might take various exams such as Google Associate Android Developer Certification exam in order to become a professional android developer. However, instead of getting a theoretical knowledge, you should seek proficient android developers who have created the product already as he can tell you better how can you become the best Android developer. 

15) Testing

Test your developed android app before and after launching an app since testing is an important part of an app's success. In fact, you should never release an app without doing proper testing. Regular tests for each phase of your development process are necessary to make adjustments, solve possible blockages or improve UX and UI.


So far we have seen top 15 tips and trick for Android developers in 2018. This tips would surely help you creating amazing android apps in order to generate a good revenue for your online mobile business. 

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