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8 Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Best Website Development Company in India

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The use of the internet has increased since last decade. After all, there are so many benefits of web development over other traditional methods of doing the business. This is the main reason why businesses prefer hiring web development firm in India for developing their business website. With the help of a website, businesses can increase their brand value and can turn out to be most important medium to earn money. 

For making a business website successful, it should have all important elements in order to create a professional looking website. According to a survey by, 48% people stated that a website design as one of the factors in deciding business’s credibility. Furthermore, you only have 10 seconds time to leave an impression and tell the user what they will get out of your website. 

In order to do a successful business, you should look at all these important elements or hire a company who will help you in every stage of website development. 

In this post, we will discuss 10 mistakes to avoid while hiring best company. There are so many companies in India out there. However, before hiring them you should have a look at some of the mistakes you should avoid while hiring them to work on your business website. 

Hiring Those Companies Who Works on Outdated Technology 

While hiring any company in India businesses should check whether they are not working on the outdated technology. For example, there is a new update released for PHP and the one company who are looking to hire is working on the older version of PHP. 

With these days technology getting changed rapidly this can turn out to be a restriction to the smooth functioning of a website. Moreover, businesses should hire those company who is aware of the latest technology.

Most importantly, businesses should hire the company who provides right solutions for your business website. Thus resulting in limited skills of company developers. 

Hiring Company Which Starts Directly from Coding 

The company hired by businesses say that they can deliver a good looking website by only focusing on coding. In such scenarios, you should avoid such companies. Moreover, a website requires the analysis and understanding of target audience of the business. 

Without knowing about it, developing a business website looks useless. Therefore, businesses while planning to hire company should make sure that they are hiring the company that works in a systematic manner and understand all the requirements properly. 

Hiring Company Which Lacks Expertise in Your Domain 

It can be considered as one of the biggest mistake made by businesses. Even though many of the company have knowledge about website and website design creation, they must have a knowledge about the domain in order to meet the demands of your business. 

Furthermore, a company with no knowledge and experience in that domain can affect your business severely. In order to avoid it, businesses should do a proper market research and then approach the suitable company. 

Hiring Company on the Basis of Lower Prices 

There are many scenarios where many businesses hire website development company on the basis of the price quoted by them. It can be considered as another big mistake made by businesses. Although businesses want to save as much money as possible. However, lower prices will come with the low level of work. 

Therefore, in such cases, businesses should be wise and smart and should not think about prices. Moreover, the price of a company should only be criteria and not the major factor while hiring them. 

Hiring Website Company Who is Not Aware of Technical SEO 

The main aim of any business is to reach their potential customers and for it they need to hire a technical SEO who can optimize your website. However, in many cases, businesses hire those company who are not aware of SEO. In such scenarios, businesses should avoid hiring such companies. After all, the company who cannot provide the business with SEO optimized website cannot help you in reaching your potential customers with your website. 

Because SEO plays an important role by making your website optimized according to the Google PageRank Algorithm. 

Not Hiring Company by Consulting Technical Experts 

Before starting the hiring process of company businesses should hire technical experts who can guide them about what companies they can hire. In addition, they can help in preparing the list of website development agencies on the basis of what technology they will use to create a business website for them. 

Hiring Website Development Firm Who is Craving for Only One Technology 

There are many businesses who do not prefer to use only one technology for their development. In such cases, businesses should hire those website development companies who work on multiple technologies or companies who can work with multiple technologies. Plus, these companies should not crave for only one particular technology. 

Not Verifying Credentials Properly 

Businesses should never hire any company before verifying their credentials properly. Moreover, businesses should check their previous work history properly by looking at how many web applications or websites they have created before and what time period they have delivered the product. If businesses like the work of any of these companies they should hire that company to work for their business websites. 


Businesses should do a proper research, before hiring any company in India. There are so many development companies out there, but businesses need to make sure to avoid these above-mentioned mistakes and then choose the website development company. In addition, businesses should consider other factors like company ratings, a demo of previous work, etc. while hiring these companies. Therefore, read these all above mentioned mistakes before hiring the web app development for developing their business website.