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7 Must Have Features for Your Android App

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Some of the business Android apps are practical, useful, very intuitive, and is quite amazing to use. What makes some Android apps different from the others is features and design element they use to develop a particular Android app. Moreover, every Android app has different features and design element.  

The effort being put by Android mobile app developers in creating a new Android app is huge. Whenever the app is designed correctly, it becomes competitive so that it can provide businesses the upper edge in this highly competitive industry. However, there is the same problem with the majority of apps which are not very good looking. They may perform the tasks as required but they are not having the key features which can distinguish your app and the most popular one. 

In this post, we will discuss 7 must have features for your Android mobile app. 

Search Feature 

You should provide a search bar feature in your Android app so that users can easily find the content which they are looking for. 

A lot of content makes a good app, but all this content quickly becomes heavy and unusable if it is not easily accessible to the users. Most top-level apps have provided a search feature that allows users to locate content which contains keywords and key phrases that meet their requirements and needs.

Integration of Social Media Capabilities 

Social media sharing is no longer just for cat videos and child photos. Social networking platform has become important means of communication and collaboration, especially between geographically separated workers and between workers and their customers. It makes it easy and transparent by integrating social sharing directly from the app.

Responsive Design for Different Screen Sizes 

Designing for Android device is not enough these days. App developers should also consider the range of screen sizes between small phones, compact phones to larger tablets. Some smartphones have screen size almost as big as a small tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, for instance, has a 6.2 "display, less than 1.5" and smaller than the small size consumer tablets. Developers should make sure to integrate responsive design into your mobile app development so that all of these users have an exceptional user experience.

Different Devices with Different Versions 

Similarly, you cannot ignore any of the popular platforms. While BlackBerry dominated the business world and Apple has a great hold on the consumer market, BlackBerry devices now using Android operating systems, and Android devices have outpaced Apple in the corporate and consumer markets. However, Apple holds enough market share that it can’t be ignored. Develop an app for each of these platforms so you don’t alienate a large segment of your users from the start.

Allowing User Feedback

Sometimes users need something to express themselves. Providing users the ability to give quick feedbacks is great and it eliminates so many calls made to the tech support department. 

Allowing users to give you feedback provides you and your mobile app developers a useful overview of what you required for adding, removing, and modifying. But it's more than that. Giving users the opportunity to provide quick feedback allows them to express their frustrations, which means that your support staff must answer fewer phone calls.

More Touch and Less Typing  

When users are using keyboard-mouse configuration for accessing the website, you can ask them a lot of information and they can type, type, and type endless times. This is not the same case with mobile apps. Design the app with minimal keyboard use and make the most out of the user experience.

App Should be Working Offline 

Provide as much usability as possible without an internet. This feature must be balanced, of course, with the issue of data security. Even if you don’t want to load a lot of sensitive data on mobile devices and will spend a lot of time in commuter trains and coffee shops, you should at least do some work if the internet is not available in your area. The huge amount of data and functionality stored on the device depends on your specific app.

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