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5 Reasons Why You Need to Outsource iOS-Android App Design

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  • Blog User Nov 28,2017
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You have an idea of creating new iOS/Android app design for your business and you don’t know from where to start? From using the power of big data to adding new stream of revenue to your business, there are many reasons why you want to develop a mobile app design for your brand or business. Once you have determined that a custom mobile app design makes a big sense for your brand or business. After that it's time to select the mobile app development company who can create it. 

Outsourcing mobile app (Android or iOS) design process provides many benefits to the businesses. Having more active users worldwide, mobile technology is the mainstream these days among businesses these days. According to statista, an average user spends an hour with a mobile application every day on their smartphones. Therefore, targeting new customers using mobile application design will help you boost your sales and online presence. 

In this post, we will discuss 5 reasons why you need to outsource your mobile app (Android or iOS) design to a reputed mobile app development company. 

Quick Development Time 

There are many mobile app development companies who are specialized in mobile app development. They are highly motivated and experienced in designing custom app designs for various types of businesses across several mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Moreover, they know how to work in an efficient and effective manner. 

On the other hand, an in-house mobile app developer may not be fully experienced as compared to the mobile app developer of a reputed company and it will result in longer time duration to create your mobile app and fix all the bugs later. Moreover, due to lack of experience, in-house mobile app developers have other competing priorities and daily outside tasks for developing your mobile application. It further reduces the time it takes to launch your mobile app design. 

Hiring an outsourcing mobile app development company can be very cost-effective in terms of both money and time since they are knowledgeable in the mobile app development space and their complete focus is on their project.

Therefore, in the long run it's better to outsource your mobile app development work to a reputed company. 

Saves Various Hidden Costs 

While it may seem that your mobile application development team costs less on paper than you outsource to a mobile app design & development company, when you add hiring expenses plus, training expenses, the cost of time, the cost of internal development can be increased very quickly. This is why outsourcing  the mobile app development work to a well reputed mobile app development company often makes more sense. The hidden costs associated with hiring internal mobile app developers simply do not exist when working with a iOS or Android app developer in India.

Maintaining Control Over Your Mobile App 

It is a common myth that outsourcing the mobile application development limits the control  of businesses it will have over its application. Actually, this is not the case. As some people states, The trick is to set up systems or applications which works efficiently and creates a delivery and communication process, create a weekly sprint to review the direction of the current project, make a daily stop in what all is expected as tasks of the day and review the previous day work, document everything using emails. In summary, if you communicate well with your chosen mobile app development company, you will not lose any control.

More Productivity 

If you enter the development of your mobile application, you can expect your iOS or Android app developers to have thousands of other projects completed and running successfully. In addition, the iOS or Android mobile app developers of a hired company may not be interested in post-launch maintenance tasks, such as updating apps for new versions of iOS and Android, correcting errors, etc. This could lead to a lack of motivation for maintaining the application, which would lead slower versions of the mobile application, code errors and much more.

Alternatively, when you hire a mobile application development company you should be sure that they are very committed and motivated since their main job is to serve you. The success of your mobile application is your success. When your mobile application developer is motivated, it will make the mobile application much more productive. Again, let the specialists handle the big tasks. 

Provides End-to-End Services 

In every type of mobile application development process, there is an interaction related to several aspects in each of the phases of the mobile application development process. To address this, mobile application development companies offer complete services from the beginning stages of the mobile app development process to technical support.


So, follow and read these 5 reasons carefully while outsourcing the mobile app development work to a reputed company. As one big mistake can lead to the loss of both time and money. Therefore, take each decision step-by-step in order to make your mobile app a success among your customers.