Our Product Managers work hand-in-hand with the app owners, to design and develop a robust, scalable and easy to use app.

We become your extended IT Partners for Next Generation Wearable Apps Design, Development, Testing and maintenance!


Wearable Computing Technology

In recent day’s wearable technology companies, from FitBit to the Apple Watch every product has been receiving a lot of attention, resulted by user interests and the hype of the Internet of Things (IoT).


According to a survey 79% of adopters agreed that wearables solutions strategy will be key to success to their company's future, while 76% said that they see progresses in ROI and branding since positioning new age gadgets in their enterprise. 75 million devices will be installed in enterprise and industrial locations by 2020 and smartwatches will be the largest category of the wear-ables at offices.


Key drivers for wearable biometrics are figured out as wearable payments, convenient verification, and enterprise security. Biometric technology is more wear-able and accurate as it informs and update the users with insights related to activity profile check, pulse rate trends, body temperature, blood oxygen pointers, hydration, BP, muscle activity, etc.


Wearable devices are also powered by types of sensors and short-range NFC and Bluetooth low energy capabilities to offer continuous Out-of-band authentication, It is more secured, works best at malicious attacks and captures all security credentials of user and doesn’t allows transactions to complete without access to the second authentication network.




We do wearable app development that is intelligent and able to react to its user and augment their abilities. Our product managers share the accountability with app owners to develop the feature lists/themes that make the product easy to use, more functional, and exclusive. There are many hindrances like the user experience, performance, resource allocation but we assure quality while we do wearable computing.