Test Automation is used to control the execution of tests, the comparison of actual outcomes to predicted outcomes, the setting up of test preconditions and other test Control and test reporting functions.


Test automation can be described as making use of dedicated software to control the tests and then to compare the actual results with the ones that were predicted before. This process can automate some important tasks that need to be carried out or even add more tests to an existing process that would otherwise be difficult to carry out. Manual testing may not be easy and effective to carry out and test automation is a simple as well as cost-effectiveanswer to such cases.

We provide test automation services as STAAFS which is an anagram for SPA Test Automation Applied Framework Services. This testing service facilitates the complete lifecycle automation testing as well as reporting by means of an interface and helping our clients avoid complex and manual IT processes. We have expertise in freeware tools as HP tool QTP and selenium tool. Its benefits are it reduces cost of operating software testing, testing tools. It decreases the testing activities as well as the cycle time for QA. Customer issues are prevented to a great extent and also the overall quality of applications are improved.