Our investment in research helps when clients come to us with just product concepts in mind. From there, we take it to customer understanding and then to product design.


When you come to us with a concept, you expect more than our technical views on it. We understand the value of ideas nurtured in your mind and therefore go that extra mile to associate ourselves with it and add value to it. Our specialized departments and years of experience, make sure all your requirements are catered to with utmost attention. From R&D of your requirements, to analyzing them, designing, developing, and maintaining various kinds of products for various types of industries you just name it and we have solutions for your unique needs.

The investment in research and analysis with a product idea in mind helps a developer know what to create. From there, we take it to clients understanding and then to product designing. When clients come to us, we are all set to give them specific details of the product whether it is about its technicality or its design. We go to that extra mile where your ideas are satisfied and you are content when it comes to the product and new ideas are further nurtured. Research and development departments are also present to create new technologies and give an acceptable shape to varied commodities by analyzing the product, developing and designing the product as well as maintaining various kinds of products for various kinds of industries. According to them a client just names any of the above cases and they are ready with super solutions. The specialized departments and years of great experience of the product engineers at Software Assurance ensure that all the requirements of the customer are met and that too with keen interest and utmost attention. Product engineers working for us are reliable to a great extent and have a good sense of customer understanding.


A Reliable Process

  • It is a foolproof method and reliable to a vast extent.
  • We believe very much in transparency, and all their practices are based on it.
  • The sincerity and loyalty to a clients dream is supported here and justice to the clients is done.
  • Every particular solution is considered by the engineers in the best interest of the client.
  • To get the very best result, every possible effort is made to turn the solution into an appropriate process.

Product Development Scope

  • It is an important phase of product development.
  • The key to successful development for all kinds and categories of products is scope analysis and commodity requirement in daily market.
  • We go through individual details of the customer and discuss it with their technical head for the best interest of clients.
  • Each work of information seeking and detailing is done by consultants to assess feasibility.
  • The final document is derived when both the parties, the customer as well as the product developer get ready for the conclusion of the analysis.

Product Development

  • It is the most challenging phase that is dealt with the utmost care and concern.
  • Thorough attention is paid to the programmers, quality engineers, product management team, technical engineers and design experts so that every step is insured and tested.
  • Every step here is taken with continuous communication and endless discussion.

Product Design

  • It is the second phase of product development that is also called design phase.
  • A prototype model based on the project scope is thoroughly checked and tested which was developed to fix a cost and create significant infrastructures.
  • Embedded systems are developed here to in order to give the clients the advantage of fast and agile development.

Product Testing

  • It is a necessary step to perform. It is very obvious step which is needed for any judgmental base.
  • To ensure whether every individual part of the product is working or not, various tests are conducted.
  • To make sure that every feature is modified and updated or not.
  • There are many ways by which product testing is performed. Some of them are-
    • Unit Testing:Every person working is responsible for his/her own needs and should demand the product design and technicality accordingly. Developers are the people who make sure the basic quality of the product is maintained. They are the first professionals to do the unit test of the commodity. They check the modules and they work on cross check if needed in their local system or development server before release of the application.
    • Functional Testing: The basic requirement of this testing is to check whether the functionality of the product is conducted appropriately or not. It is done by the QA team for the developed and technically designed superior applications. It checks the modules, whether all functions are working properly, and the flow of application against written test cases.
    • User Acceptance Testing: After the functional testing is done and processed, the user acceptance test is carried out. In this the look and feel of application is taken into consideration.
    • All efforts to make the product look more attractive and appealing to the customers are done. The application is first tested from the user end to know the behavior of the application or commodity and then is gradually tested on the front end.
    • Bug Tracking System: A centralized bug tracking system, is used to track and record the issues and problems of the product. Product engineers keep up a complete bug cycle for each project in their systems. They also offer access to the tools in their system where the customers or clients log in and report their selected issues.
    • Product Documentation: Once the client and developer are both ready and satisfied with the product, they move on to create documents for the users. All the old documents are corrected and modified with the latest changes while some new ones are created. Every single feature and functionality of the product is mentioned and well accommodated for.
    • Product Delivery: After these many steps mentioned above comes the stage of delivery of the product. The product is well packed with its created documents and is ready for delivery. All the documents are rechecked and proper delivery preparations are done to deliver the product. Although ERP is beneficial for any organization, integration efforts have failed due to technical, organizational, management or migration planning reasons. To avoid this, Software Assurance has aimed at integrating the ERP with the most advanced open source ERP i.e. Open Taps. In this, the user retains control of the source code which makes the user independent to reduce chances of inconvenience caused by the loss of key employees. While developing Open Taps, the organization should understand the differences between the primary object, data and functional models of the ERP and an organization’s traditional system which will help to find the ways to create an interface between ERP and the organization’s traditional systems and finally understand migration issues, data migration etc. Introduction of ERP’s by eliminating these traditional systems will help in obtaining maximum benefits. Clients are given their application within the given period of time. Then, finally, the sign off is done.
    • Product Maintenance Support: A fully tested product is provided to the clients by the product engineers. At Software Assurance, we provide a lifetime warranty with our product.