Open Source Server-Side Scripting Language

We are experts in PHP, which is an open source server-side scripting language, designed for Web development to produce dynamic Web pages.

PHP aids in creating applications that run fast and accommodate a large amount of data. SPA has the abilities to handle PHP. We make fast and flexible PHP applications and also fit them to your requirements. We start with single server installation and go on to a load balanced server farm.

We provide end to end PHP solutions. Our PHP specialist team continuously strives to add value to each and every aspect of your project. For every PHP project that we take on, we also provide support in terms of Linux server administration along with building the application. We help you with complete database administration and server installation. We use Cloud servers like Amazon & Rack space to work on PHP.

Templating Engine

We have experience in working with Smarty engine for templates. Smarty is a very strong engine and it helps in reducing the load from servers by caching all templates.


Patterns for our Models

We use the Facade design Pattern for our models. It is the most renowned pattern and is adept at improvising code reusability.

PHP Customization

Many clients don’t want to develop a completely new web application; they are just looking for some improvements or add-ons onto their current platforms. It speeds up the development process and saves testing time.


Drupal is an amazing platform and works perfectly for functions that involve setup or building a content-driven or community driven website.


Open source online shop eCommerce solutions.


Commercial Open Source CRM


Free video sharing script

Our technical teams have experience in customizing the above mentioned UI platforms and adding and enhancing their functionalities.

We also have the capabilities to handle Linux servers such as Gentoo, Fedora, Centos, and Ubuntu. The applications that we develop are mostly configured for multiple servers, but we are responsible for the configuration of these servers and install your applications. The in-depth knowledge and experience that we have in Linux servers helps us use the shell commands and shell scripts to do complex jobs such as file transfers across servers.

It makes us reliable and efficient enough to provide complete PHP solutions from designing to deploying applications.