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Software Assurance, LLC Launches “Mobile Device Security App”

The mobile industry has shown tremendous growth in recent years and, with ever changing usage patterns of mobile devices, the customer base of mobile app is increased exponentially. However, along with this development, Security vulnerabilities, increasing number of mobile malwares have become the critical challenge for both enterprises and end users.

Considering the fact, we at Software Assurance, LLC realized the urgent need of protecting mobile user’s valuable information. Therefore, in order to address the need, company has developed a Mobile Security App which is now launched and available for Android devices. The launch of this mobile app is aligned with company’s objective to provide technology solutions to address the security challenges faced by mobile users.

The app comes up with variety of features which help users to protect their mobile devices from potential security threats. Centralized Dashboard contains all major security settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Hotspot, GPS, SD Card Encryption at one place which help users to change required security settings from dashboard itself. Security Alerts/Notifications is another useful feature of the app that highlights potential security threats specific to the security settings. One of the core objective of app is to make mobile users to understand the significance of less common security settings and, encourage them to take advantage of those settings to protect their mobiles for future security threats.

While launching the App, Ram Garg (Founder and CEO of Software Assurance, LLC) said, “this is the breakthrough success for the company and, we are very excited to launch this app. Security has emerged as a biggest challenge for mobile users and, this app will help users to take required precautionary measures to protect their mobile from potential security threats. We hope, users will get the best out of the app.”

The app is currently developed for Android devices and has been launched with first version. Company is in the process to add more enhanced features to this app and will come up with next version soon.

App is completely FREE to use and can be downloaded from Google Play Store