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Organizations are using mobile apps as 'Game Changers' to boost operational competence & accelerate business growth. The productivity gain offered by mobile applications is propelling the immediate need for an enterprise wide mobile strategy. There are several challenges at all stages including conceptualization, design, development, testing and deployment. The businesses demanding shorter marketing time and the users demanding device & version proof applications are not making things any easier for product managers.


Mobile app testing is a process of testing applications made for mobile devices for their consistency, usability and functionality. Mobile application development is a program that is designed to be executed on mobile devices. Our company provides clients with a specialist group for the testing of applications. This group consists of test architects and engineers who test the application through each and every possible aspect and across all mobile platforms.


We own variety of handheld devices with a dedicated mobile device lab. We have great experience and extensive knowledge about hybrid, native and web applications. We have expertise in functional and manual automation of mobile or other devices apps. Test suites are also executed to make sure that emulators behave as expected. Experienced people are working at Software Assurance who can work with varied functional automation tools like Robotium, Appium, Selenium Webdriver, Jmeter, Monkeytalk, Load UI, etc.

The bug tracking system is extensively used by us – Target Process, Rally, Bugzilla, Team Track, Team Tracker, JIRA, Mantis, Trac, Base Camp, Unfuddle, Lighthouse, Asana, Assembla, Active Colab, Crimson link, Fogbugz, etc.

Mobile Apps Testing Category Expertise:

Our expertise lies in mobile testing like Native, Hybrid and Web Apps.

Mobile Apps Testing Technologies:

We facilitate Automation Testing, Installation Testing, UI/UX Testing, Performance Testing, Operational/Functional Testing, Security Testing, Service Testing, Low Level Resource Testing, and Compatibility Testing.

Thus, mobile application testing is very important after the development of an application to ensure its proper functioning.