The mobile industry has seen significant growth in recent years and the need of mobile app will continue to rise. As the time grows, the need of mobile app will continue to rise. However, ensuring the quality of app remains a big challenge for app owners. Explosion of devices, different OS versions, constant upgrades, limited time/budget, lack of expert testers and testing lab/devices are some of the key challenges app owners face while developing apps.

Poor app quality can lead to frequent uninstalls, poor reviews resulting in losses in revenue, brand value and depleting investor’s faith. Therefore, before launch it is important to test if mobile app is functioning well in dynamic changing mobile ecosystem.

Considering the concern, we at Software Assurance, LLC have launched dedicated Mobile App Assessment Services under which we test mobile apps on various critical parameters including compatibilitysecurityperformanceuser experience and others to ensure the app works well in dynamic changing mobile ecosystem and meeting increasingly customer demands.

The Objective of assessment is to highlight the critical factors impacting business of mobile apps due to lack of quality and, suggests ways to address them proactively.

Apps are tested by SPA dedicated and secured Mobile App Testing Lab which is well equipped with 50+ latest and popular mobile devices and numerous automation and performance test tools. Mobile devices including Android/iOS devices covering different screen sizes, resolution and hardware configurations.

The testing is done by the mobile testing specialists following best testing practices & processes including strategy-driven user-base analysis and key devices/OS versions selection.

We follow SMART Test Coverage Strategies which includes:

  • Defining functionality coverage
  • Optimized manual and automation testing
  • Right balance between real devices vs. emulators,
  • Redefined coverage as product matures on certain devices/OS versions and functionality stabilizes

The report suggests process / methodologies to improve upon issues found with conceptualization, design, architecture, development, testing & deployment processes.