Java / J2EE

Object-Oriented Computer Programming Language

Playing with Java for years now, Software Assurance has become an expert working with J2EE technology. Whether you’re looking for a portable, robust, scalable and secure application built from scratch or want a customized solution for your special business requirements, our skilled J2EE programmers make it all possible for you.

Major Services:

Product Development

Our product development services are mainly focused on medium or small-scale businesses. We also provide services for start-ups, helping them scale their businesses. Our solutions for bigger companies help them manage multiple disciplines of work and responsibilities. Our engineers work closely with you to get you the best solution possible. We have worked on products based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Event Driven Architecture (EDA) and other RPC based architectures.

Custom Development

We have fun developing customized solutions that cater to our clients’ special requirements. Our experience of working in various industries like healthcare, manufacturing, e-learning, real estate, and Telecom has enabled us to provide you “next generation” solutions in terms of web and other platforms.

Business Integration

We help you make use of existing products in the best possible ways. From integrating them with your partner company’s products to understanding the business need of a flexible solution for integrating your business lines, we do it all for you.

Major Technologies:

We can do it all when it comes to Java Technologies. From Desktop to Enterprise, Embedded and Card technologies, we build cutting-edge Java development technologies for our clients. We have worked on Enterprise applications which included robust, reliable, secure, scalable and adaptable systems built using design methodologies such as SOA, Web 2.0, Event-driven architecture, RPC, AJAX, N-tier architecture and more.

Presentation Technologies
JSP, Servlets

Most of our projects are built on the basic web technology JSP, Servlets.

Web Frameworks

When it comes to web frameworks, we have used the latest and best for our clients. Some of the frameworks are Struts, Tiles, Stripes, Tapestry, and JSF. We have also worked on portal frameworks like uPortal and LifeRay.

AJAX Frameworks

We are proficient in all the AJAX frameworks, which include some of the best like GWT, GWT-EXT, DWR, Dojo, Yahoo UI, jQuery, jMaki, etc. These frameworks are used to deliver a sleek UI and enhance user experience.

Middle Tier Technologies

Viz. Session Beans, Entity Beans and Message Driven Beans are some of the Enterprise Java Beans that we have used to develop many applications.

Web Services

Web Services are our strength and have helped us provide sleek integration interfaces to our clients. We have used Web Services to create product APIs for some of our ISV projects, allowing the product to be integrated with external applications.

Spring Framework

We have used Spring Framework features in many applications built by us.

ORM Frameworks

We have worked on ORM frameworks for data access. To mention, we have used Hibernate and TopLink in our projects.

Data Technologies

We are proficient at working with all major databases like Oracle, My-SQL, MS-SQL, Postgres, etc. Most of our high-end applications involve large amounts of data and reporting capabilities.


We have worked on projects involving large amounts of XML-data storage and retrieval. We have used Oracle XML-DB to deal with the requirements.


It is one of the basic databases we have used to deliver complex database applications.

Enterprise Technologies
Workflow and Business Process Automation

We have used custom-made workflow engines or industry standard commercial and open source reporting tools such as WebLogic WLI, JBossjBPM, OSWorkflow and Lombardi Business Process Management Suite for many of our projects based on Java.

Reporting Frameworks

We have worked on reporting frameworks such as JFreeReport, BIRT, JFreeChart and more.

Clustering & Load Balancing

We have deployed large Enterprise applications in distributed environments by using clustering and load balancing tools. We have also worked on Oracle RAC systems that allow multiple computers to run the Oracle RDBMS software. We have also used Apache Web-server among others to perform load balancing.

Data Security

We have worked to secure static data as well as data in transit. We have achieved this by applying various encryption, key-management and certification methodologies.