HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the core of all internet services and activities. Only with the help of HTML has it become possible to develop Web applications that can utilize the total potential of the Internet.

Software Assurance will become an impetus to the success of your business with its proficient expertise in the HTML website developing. The experience and compatibility of SPA in developing HTML based web applications will help you rope in global customers and business deals. HTML 5/HTML


We are very enthusiastic and confident about working with HTML5 as it offers a number of useful features with which we can get the best of web for you. The following HTML services are provided by us:

Video Integration

We provide you video integration services as well as the tools and liberty to manipulate it with built in video controls. It obviates the need of any third party plugins to control the video.


Without depending on any plugins, you can render graphics and images comfortably and easily through Canvas.


We integrate the geolocation API with your site. This helps you define location information with a high-level interface. It thus becomes considerably easier to locate the IP address, WIFI and Bluetooth MAC addresses, RFID and GSM/CDMA cell IDs.

Application Caches

With application caches, you can access your mail and reminders anytime. We would implement HTML5 application Cache features for you. This will allow you to access your mailbox without installing external plugins like outlook or thunderbird and without connecting to the internet.