Software Assurance technologies can develop web applications using Adobe Flash. Various organizations take advantage of this platform through the Flash Development Team. By using Flash, the user experience is dramatically enhanced with personalized, multimedia rich applications. Flash has features that help to access server-side data.

Some unique features included in it are remote procedure calls to interact with server environments, such as PHP, Adobe ColdFusion and Microsoft ASP.NET, to provide data to Flash applications and send data to backend data sources.

Depending on the types of interfaces, we can connect to a Flash application using one of the following methods:

  • HTTP GET or POST using the HTTP Service component

  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) compliant web services using the web service component

  • Adobe Action Message Format (AMF), remote services with Remote Object component

With the help of above technologies, we build

  • Complete Flash based UI for portals and applications

  • Charting and report generations for enterprise applications

Applications Areas

Application development in following areas is our expertise:

  • Personal Profile Management (For Social Networking Website)

  • One-to-One live cam solutions

  • Business Analytics/reports

  • Video Content Distribution

  • Live Video Broadcasting

  • Video Content Creation

  • Whiteboard solutions

  • Product Catalogues

  • E-classes

  • E-shops

  • 2D & 3D Games

Game Developement

Games development in Flash is our strength. Our expert team of 3DS Max and Paper Vision 3D will help you in developing UI intensive 3D Flash games.

Streaming Solutions In Flash, Video Audio Chat

We have in-depth knowledge in streaming servers and video media. It helps us offer the best solutions for your streaming and audio-video chat. However, we do not only offer you the solutions, we help you scale those solutions according to your requirements.