Software Assurance, LLC’s training division SPA Training offers a gamut of “Career Enabling Programs” for corporates, to professionals who are working in fast growing software development & testing industry. Our Clients and trained professionals leverage our practical expertise gathered in projects which counts for more than 9 years. We offer corporate training programs on various subjects. We conduct training programs in software processes, testing and Project management topics and also make sure your employees have adopted the lessons in their projects and professional walk of life.

  • A foundation level training for software & mobile app testers that demonstrates an understanding of Testing principles and practices.

  • An Experienced Level Training for existing and to-be managers in the software testing function that demonstrates capabilities to practice and manage the software testing function.

Our training mentors have remarkable expertize in Quality Assurance, as they have successfully tested and launched various mission critical projects on behalf of our clients. These mentors are not only testers but have been SME’s in various Industry segments.

We tailor-make these programs and provide you both onsite and offsite training options, to suit your company’s software/mobile app testing, QA specific needs.