7 Reasons Why Mobile Application Development Fails

mobile app developers

Mobile app development is continuing to flood the market these days. According to Statista, as of July 2016, there are more than 1.6 million mobile apps available to download from Google Play Store and 1.5 million mobile apps are available to download from Apple App Store. There is so much of variety to choose from.… Continue reading

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Love for Apps is ruling the minds!


‘Tech savvy’ is no more the only lot going after all the new gadgets and applications, these days. There is a whole new concept rather trend hovering over the smart gadget market.This is the trend of being ‘App-ed’. There is a spell cast by the new mobile applications on the masses, where age does not… Continue reading

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All The Factors That Affect The Cost Of Your Mobile App Development Project


Creating a top-quality, highly functional mobile applications requires a lot of features and technologies. All the various steps require a different amount of money, but it can be managed better if you understand the factors that affect the overall cost of getting the product. This article is to provide all the necessary information about the… Continue reading

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5 Features Accompanying You in 2017 If You’re in Mobile App Development Industry

The mobile app development industry is without a doubt growing persistently. All the developed companies and other SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) have startedinclining towards the mobile app development trends, as they have now understood that mobile applications should be an important part of their promotional strategy. From booking a cab late at night to… Continue reading

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Make People Say That You Are the Father of This Mobile App


The mobile market has shown immense growth substantially over the years and industry-based experts predict a continuous growth in upcoming years. Mobile internet use has surpassed the life of desktops in 2014 and now more than 80% of the internet users have their personal smartphones or iPhones. It’s actually an impressive number, and hence all… Continue reading

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The Trend in Technological World – Mobile Application


The technological world is advancing at a fast pace and being just another one in the business race will not help at all. One needs to be really updated about what is new in the market, what technological progress has hit the market, and what new trend is currently popular. Let us come to the… Continue reading

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Mobile Application’s Emergence In The 21stCentury


In the 21st century, more businesses engage their customers through mobile devices than traditional workplaces. Be it entertainment or health care, every aspect of human life is captured within a few square inches.For new businesses as well as established organisations, the deployment of mobile applications for their operational smoothness is imperative. This has also led… Continue reading

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Hiring a mobile application developer is not easy


For every business to grow today, you need a strategy that has the capability to cater to a wider audience. Mobile application is one such marketing tool that has the ability to reach the masses. However, creating a mobile application is not a cake walk. It requires specialised skillset to build a mobile app. Therefore,… Continue reading

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The importance of product engineering companies in making of a product


Product engineering is the technique of developing certain product, system or assembly so that it may be sold out in the market. Product engineering has a lot to do with making the product and then ensuring its reliability, its performance, its cost and quality. The company involved in the engineering of a product crafts the… Continue reading

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How Product Management Companies Support?


The process of developing a device in a way, which can be sold as an item in the market, is known as product engineering. The activities, which are required to carry on require engineering products, are usually related to issues of serviceability, reliability, performance, cost and quality. So, what will be the role of engineering… Continue reading

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