New opportunities

Software Assurance's employees are the most valued assets of the company. We strongly believe in innovation. Our employees are encouraged to be creative at their work place. They are encouraged to think beyond and out of the box, to question assumptions and systems, to compete with each other, and to build on fresh insights.

We offer a continually challenging environment to our employees, opportunities for growth, and quality training. The employees are able to balance their lives and are highly motivated. We encourage employees to be creative in their thought processes.


In an industry that is fraught with high turnover, we have taken on the challenge and made employee retention a high priority. We are committed to sustaining an environment in which our employees are given challenging assignments, fast track growth opportunities, a clear career path and focused training to prepare them for future assignments and work-life balance.

The employees at Software Assurance are made to realize their contributions to the success of the company and we recognize the hard work they put in everyday for the growth in the number of clients and the company. The goal of Software Assurance is to make use of the visionary corporate culture and harness the talent to ensure that the quality provided to the clients it the best in the industry.