Browser Compatibility Testing requires that web applications be tested on different web browsers to ensure the same visual experience regardless of the Internet Browser it is used on.

One of the things that makes a website really successful is its ability to run without problems on more than one type of browser. It is defined as the ability of a website, client-side script or web application to run in different environments that are able to sustain it and undergo degradation when features are not supported. This feature may also be referred to as cross-browser compatibility and it is the ability of the website not that of the browser to support it.

There are many browsers available nowadays. Not all browsers can be accessed but here at Software Assurance we have different tools like, browser lab and much more to test products. For a lot of developers and software companies it would be a struggle to create a website that would run across many browsers and still provide the same user experience across each one.
The goal when developing a website is to ensure that the performance and efficiency is the same for each browser and we at Software Assurance are always working to achieve this goal.