The web platforms that are most widely used these days are Asp.Net 1.1, Asp.Net 2.0, Asp.Net 3.5, and Asp.Net Ajax. We create pluggable architectures by using advanced techniques such as custom controls, HttpModules and HttpHandlers. We are updated with the latest technologies and platform features.

SilverLight and XAML

We use SilverLight 1.0 to build solutions for our ISV customers. This enables our clients to provide an efficient UI to their end users. We have developed XAML based UI for windows Vista also.

Windows Forms

We are well versed in building Windows based applications that follow the usability guidelines of Windows. We understand the differences between the development of a web application and the development of a windows application.

Office UI

We use the UI standpoint and build UI products according to that. We have gained hands on experience in developing successful office fluent UI interface for various clients.


Control Libraries

We have studied all the available control libraries. Data visualization is required in most of our projects, which can range from a simple data grid to an interactive graph that displays thousands of points on multiple axes. We are experienced in working with Infragistics, Nevron, Telerik RAD and Dundas controls.

Middle Tier Technologies

Asp.Net Web Services

We form middle tier of the projects of most of our clients with the help of web services. We have created product APIs for some of our ISV projects using Web services that allow software integration with external applications.

.Net Remoting

To achieve the purpose of message communications, we have developed applications that are based on .Net Remoting. This is implemented between various tiers of an application.

Windows Communication Foundation

We use it when the projects require SOA approach.

Business Objects and ORM Frameworks

We have hands on experience working with CSLA, nHibernate, ORM.Net and LLBGenPro. In addition to these, we have also worked with third party frameworks.