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Like a growing child discards his clothes to fit into new ones, your application too needs to be refurbished with the growing requirements of your business and meet new technological standards. However, with the new comes the apprehension of missing out on the best of the old. We understand your concern and therefore make it a point to go back to your codes and reverse-engineer them. We also go through an extensive study of your test cases, which help us maintain the fervor of your application. We deal with two practices of application migration: migrating your code base to some other technology or migrating.

The process of moving an application from one environment to another environment is known as Application migration. Migration of an on premises application to a cloud server environment or moving an application from one environment to another can be considered examples of Application migration.


Just like change is necessary to survive in our society, similarly, your applications need to be changed to meet the growing demands and requirements of your business. Applications should also be altered in order to match the new technological trends but as we change the already existing applications there is always a risk of losing out on the pre-existing features. In order to alter your applications we go back to your original codes by reverse engineering them manually. We also take an extensive look at your test cases that help maintain the original objective of your application.

From desktop applications to web applications

There are majorly two types of application migration. First, is the migration of your application to some other technology and the second one involves converting the desktop apps to web apps. This has many benefits. For example, it helps you maintain the future incentives of your business and save you a lot of money and time.

Main features of the application kept intact

We offer many options for the flawless migration of applications. Application migration depends upon the goals and budget of the clients. We always try to alter the application in a way that we are able to keep the main feature and objectives of the app intact. Thus, one can say that migration of an application from one environment to another can be very difficult. Furthermore developing an application that can be moved from one platform to another is a very troublesome job as in that case the developer can only use the features that are available in both the environments.