Application Maintenance

Leave the mundane to us! Lots of companies get excited when they engage in new development work but lose focus when it comes to maintaining applications. At SPA, we ensure that it’s always business-as-usual for our clients.

We understand the pain you take to nurture your dreams and shape them into an application. When you come to us with the requirement of maintaining that application, we are forever ready to do it. Even for the ones we haven’t built, we go back to the basics, reverse engineer your code base and maintain the application for you.

Application maintenance in software engineering is the process of modification of application product after its delivery to remove errors and improve performance. After the creation and release of an application a programmer tries to get reviews of the users and according to the received feedback he tries to alter the coding of his application in order to make it more efficient and user-friendly.

Although ERP is beneficial for any organization, integration efforts have failed due to technical, organizational, management or migration planning reasons. To avoid this, Software Assurance has aimed at integrating the ERP with the most advanced open source ERP i.e. Open Taps. In this, the user retains control of the source code which makes the user independent so as to reduce chances of inconvenience caused due to the loss of key employees.


While developing Open Taps, the organization should understand the differences between the primary object, data and functional models of the ERP and an organization’s traditional system which will help to find the ways to create an interface between ERP and the organization’s traditional systems and finally understand migration issues, data migration etc. Introduction of ERP’s by eliminating these traditional systems will help in obtaining maximum benefits.

Recent studies have shown that after making an application the companies venture out into new projects and forget about previous ones. We offer application maintenance for our clients so that their business keeps on functioning and growing at their usual pace. Development of an application is a difficult job but when it comes to the maintenance and updating an application it is even more difficult. This is what we at Software Assurance are always prepared for. We always help our clients, even with the maintenance of applications that were not developed by our company, a difficult task. Since we are not aware of the basic coding of the application, we have to re-engineer the whole application.