How did we get started?

Get to know our history

With determination and diligence from our leadership team and employees, Software Assurance has gone from existing purely as a testing company to a complete software solutions provider. Previously, we were recognized as market leaders only when it came to providing testing services across various platforms. However, we devoted a great deal of time to research the needs of the market as well as client demands in order to reach where we are today.

Software Assurance has evolved from a testing specialist company into a new age technology enterprise. Known for its expertise in testing across different platforms and industry verticals, Software Assurance spends enormous amount of time and resources understanding its customers' businesses and understanding its customers' customers – the end users (or consumers). Our ability to predict what the consumers are looking for gives us the confidence to construct applications that will be useful to them.

Through web and mobile applications, we want to provide solutions that are meaningful and could potentially produce a change in the world of technology as we see it today.